I adore animals – as hopefully you do too!  Here at this blog and my extensive website at www.taranet.co.uk you can find advice and products to help you take a more natural approach to caring for your horse, dog, cat or other animal (large or small!).

Advice and Consultancy

As experienced animal owners we can help provide some general advice to put you in the right direction to help your animal, including providing useful contacts (e.g. Veterinary Surgeon’s or animal therapists). Check out our directory for info or email us at info [at] taranet.co.uk for help.

Plus we provide a business consultancy and social media training service, specialising in the animal care sector.  There’s even advertising opportunities for professional complementary therapists for animals online at http://www.taranet.co.uk.

Healthcare Products

Suzanne at Taranet is an Independent Forever Business Owner of Forever Living Products, offering a range of aloe vera & bee healthcare for you and your animals. You can get these fabulous products via mail order worldwide. As many of our customers find it useful to discuss their product requirements, please email shop [at] taranet.co.uk with your questions on how aloe can help your horse, dog or other animal and help on which product(s) maybe most suitable.

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