Dog Safety Tips #1


Hello 🙂

Having seen a couple of near-misses with dogs today, it’s prompted me to write a quick post with some tips to help keep your dogs safe (and happy).  Although it’s basic common sense, it sometimes helps to have a reminder!

No matter how well trained we think our dogs are, when it comes down to basics, dogs are another being with their own mind, thoughts and behaviour.  We cannot (nor should we) rule every moment of their days – they must be able to express themselves and display their personalities.  But keeping them safe must be our overwhelming priority – so remember they are their own beings and we may need to “think for them” their own safety!  So what are my tips in this post?  Here they are:

  1. Keep gates to your garden closed at all times.  Driving along the road today I had to come to a sudden stop as another car driver had stopped to usher a dog off of the road and back into his garden.  Not sure where the owners were – as nowhere to be seen.  It’s easy to think “oh they’ll be okay, they won’t get out” – as of course why really would a dog want to leave the security of their garden to go out onto a busy road?  Well as I said before, they are their own beings – so who knows their reasoning.  It’s up to us as caring responsible dog owners/keepers to keep the gates shut, and be aware of where the dog(s) are at all times!
  2. Be careful with extendable dog leads.  I used to use them, but I don’t any more – having had the misfortune of being pulled over.  Either the dog is on the lead or he/she is off the lead – no in between.  This weekend I’ve seen other people using extendable leads and getting wrapped around themselves and each other when the dog has gone to have a wander/sniff around another dog.  They can be an accident waiting to happen!
  3. When the weather is warm/hot take a water bowl with you out on walks.  Many dogs don’t want to drink out of “communal bowls” that kind restaurant/cafe/ shop owners may leave out. & even if your dog will, you can’t guarantee you’ll be near one.  So for your dog’s comfort take a water bowl with you – there are many small and very portable ones you can put into your handbag/small bag for instance. Take a water bottle too just in case you’re not near a water supply.  Dehydrating can easily affect dogs particularly when the weather is hot, which is potentially very dangerous.

What tips have you got for keeping your dog’s safe (and happy)?

Until next time,


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