Excitable Horse or Dog? Could This Therapy Help?

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For many of us who keep animals, at some point or another we will have an over-excited animal.  Particularly if we have horses and go to a show/event – many horses, can find it an exciting experience – sometimes this can lead to them losing focus despite our best efforts and training.

I’ve tried a variety of herbs and techniques to help promote calmness, and this has included trying homeopathy.  Firstly what is homeopathy?  This therapy should not be confused with herbal remedies – this is because homeopathic medicine uses not only plants but also mineral and animal sources.

There are many dozens of different homeopathic remedies which can be used.  If your horse or dog is excitable – even from the weather conditions (e.g. if thundery) – then Scutellaria can be helpful.

Scutellaria is often useful when many animals experience nervousness when attending a show or a veterinary appointment.  This remedy is a nervous sedative and is useful in calming highly strung animals.

Have I found it helpful? Yes I have with my horses – i’ve found it helpful to make situations less overwhelming for them.

Remember though all animals are different, and sometimes there can be underlying medical issues which means a horse (or other animal) acts in a certain way – so always get professional veterinary advice before trying any remedies and make sure your horse or other animal is as fit and healthy as they can be.

Read more about Homeopathy here

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