Would you love to work with dogs?



There are many career opportunities if you’d like to work with dogs – including dog specific jobs such as dog grooming, dog walking to a complementary therapist for dogs (e.g. canine bowen therapy, canine massage, etc). Or you could be an all-round animal care professional such as a Veterinary Surgeon (specialising ultimately in small animal/ canine medicine), or Veterinary Nurse.

One of the most popular pages at the Taranet Holistic Animal Training Knowledge Hub is “how to train as a canine massage therapist”.

As with many complementary therapies for animals there is not a single qualification to obtain to become a canine massage therapist – and so deciding on what to choose to train in/ which qualification to obtain can be a challenge. My advice is to choose a course and qualification that is going to be widely recognised – this is important to ensure that both customers and Veterinary Surgeon’s alike can feel that they can trust your training.  So perhaps select a course that is externally verified by a national (or international) qualifications authority.

Working with dogs to help relieve them of pain, stiffness and just generally make them feel better is incredibly rewarding – so if this is something you’ve dreamt of, then why not look into it today?!  It’s never too late to make a change to help you to help dogs to feel happy and well.  Get some tips in canine massage training at https://www.taranet.co.uk/Animal%20Care%20Careers/Canine%20Massage%20Training/

If you have any questions on working with animals – then please email me

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Director, Taranet (Business Consultancy – Animal Care Business Specialist, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

Animal Care Info Online:  www.taranet.co.uk 

Income Opportunity for Animal Loving Entrepreneurs: Income opportunity





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