Remedy to “Rescue” an Upset Animal?



As many of you know I love Bach Flower Remedies – as are simple yet helpful.  One of the most widely known remedies is Rescue Remedy – although I know some people don’t really know it is a Bach Flower Remedy – and instead just think it’s something useful to reduce stress and panic.  I thought it would be helpful to write a short blog post on Rescue Remedy so you can know more about it!

So what is Rescue Remedy?

This is a Bach Flower Remedy – and is often the most widely known and also most commonly used.  Although it is not an individual Flower Essence in itself but actually a combination of five remedies. Once these five remedies are combined, the Rescue becomes an essence unto itself. It is different combined than in its individual five essences.

These five remedies are: Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem.

Why Use Rescue Remedy for Your Animal?

Rescue Remedy can help your animal if he or she is feeling anxious or stressed – the remedy is therefore likely to help if your animal is recovering from a shock or major change (like a new home or a show), or is scared of the noise of fireworks or thunder.

Rescue Remedy is excellent for to help cope with the emotional trauma of emergencies, accidents and injuries.

You can read more about Bach Flower Remedies at my website advice page over at Taranet.

I hope you’ve found this useful, and if you’d like help locating a Bach Flower Remedy practitioner for yourself or your animals, please email me at

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