Motivation for Getting a Pet?


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What are your views on getting a pet from an animal charity/rescue centre? Often the answer to this question can be mixed – and can be quite polarising – with people having opposing views.

I had a flick through Facebook recently and seen (yet again) people posting ‘looking for a dog’, ‘looking for a cat’, etc……..Often with specific ideas on what breed or colour they want – and assuming that the only way they are going to get what they want is by going to a breeder or a pet shop.  & the motivation being purely to have an animal that ‘looks good’.

There can be the misconception that rescue animals will have ‘hang-ups’, or charities won’t have what they want (which is not the case, it depends as with anything how hard you look!).  This is so disheartening. Unfortunately there are many animals who are from breeders or other (non-animal-charity) sources who have plenty of ‘hang-ups’ – because of how they are fed, how they are trained, how they are cared for, etc.

But for me no animal has ‘hang-ups’.  I love animals, and if they have a ‘quirk’ it is something to appreciate. If people want an animal to behave in a standard way and do things the same and that suit the person at all times, perhaps a live animal isn’t something they should have? (A robot perhaps?!)

Unfortunately too, some breeders are not breeding animals for the sake of preserving and developing bloodlines, but to simply make money – unfortunately (I do seem to be using that word a lot in this blog!) not always ensuring the animals have the highest possible living conditions.

Of course too there are many complementary therapies – such as Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, Radionics which can help with training and behaviour. Also if an animal doesn’t seem happy to do certain things, perhaps it has a health problem? Often a veterinary consultation and if necessary onward referral to a complementary therapist such as a physiotherapist, massage therapist, hydrotherapy could help an animal thrive and be happier and healthier naturally.

I realise that in order to maintain breeds – and there should be a diversity of breeds for all animals that breeding animals is vital. But for most people if you’re not into showing an animal and preserving the breeding line, and want a pet first and foremost – then do you really need to go to a breeder? Would not a beautiful animal from a rescue (and by the way many breed specific rescue charities too) be just what you need? There are sadly hundreds and thousands of animals needing to find caring, good, loving homes across the world – the animal charities cannot help them all without the support of people, and people rehoming them.

As an animal lover why would you not want to help give a rescue animal the chance to have a wonderful life?

You normally have to make a small donation of some kind, a rescue animal is not free. But why would you not want to help support the charity to help others?

If you’ve not already do take a look at Pup Aid who’ve done a lot of awareness and campaigning to fight against puppy farming in the UK.  If you’re not sure of the issues (or would welcome a reminder), then I urge you to visit their website at  They have some great tips too on what to look out for if you’re wanting to get a puppy.

So would you rescue an animal instead of the alternative of buying one?

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Director, Taranet (Business Consultancy – Animal Care Business Specialist, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

Animal Care Info Online: 

Income Opportunity for Animal Loving Entrepreneurs: Income opportunity









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