Preventing Dog Theft



In this post i’m passing on some information from a national neighbourhood watch e-newsletter, which I thought was worth sharing. Having seen some awful stories of dogs being stolen recently, anything I think that can help spread tips to help pets has got to be good!


“For many of us our pet dogs are another member of the family and if they’re stolen the impact can be devastating.

Neighbourhood Watch have teamed up with the national charity Dogs Trust in their new campaign to help prevent beloved pets being stolen.

With a staggering 1,800 dogs reported stolen in 2016 Dogs Trust is urging owners to be vigilant through the launch of their new campaign Family Pawtraits.

Lee Paris, campaigns officer at Dogs Trust, told Our News: “With dogs playing such a huge part in our lives, it is important for us to offer them the same care and protection given to all family members. “Whether two legs or four, we all want to be kept safe. By following our three simple steps, you can reduce the risk of the and offer the best possible chance of being reunited with your dog should they go missing.”

Keep your dog;

• Safe: secure your property and garden.

• Spottable: keep them in sight and trained to return.

• Searchable: know what steps to take should they go missing.

To watch the video and download the Safe, Spottable and Searchable factsheet that you can share with friends and family visit dogtheft

“We know our members are concerned about the rise of dog theft and that’s why we wanted to do our bit to help promote the best advice on keeping them safe,” said Jayne Pascoe, Strategic Partnerships Director at Neighbourhood Watch.


I hope this is helpful and please forward onto anyone who may find useful too!

Until next time


Director, Taranet (Business Consultancy – Animal Care Business Specialist, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

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