Tara’s Web Snippet #1 – Is Your Website Responsive?

Hello 🙂

For this blog, i’m focusing on a quick tip to help any animal care business who has a website.  If this is you, read on (and please like below!).

Generally I use my laptop to browse the internet, but recently I was using one of my mobile devices to do so. I was surprised to find that some of the websites couldn’t be viewed properly.  The navigation didn’t work well, and they weren’t good to view – I think they may’ve been offering what I wanted, but not easy to find out.  The reason?

It’s that they were not ‘responsive designs’.

Now how do you go about getting a ‘responsive website’?

Some companies have a ‘computer viewable’ website and a ‘mobile device’ website – to me this is a lot of hassle, as usually means updating 2 websites, and wondering if both are working as they should.  Far better to have a website which has a responsive functionality built in which means it works on whatever device/computer is being used to view it. (The number of people who do use mobile devices only ever to view the internet is high).

Do you know if your website is responsive? Have a look at it on your mobile phone, table, etc – or ask a friend to do so on theirs, and see if it looks as good on that as it does on a computer. Does it all work as it should?

The outcome of me finding the websites which weren’t responsive? I quickly left them – if their attention to detail is lacking on their website, then perhaps it’s not also very good on their work – harsh perhaps, but a view I know is shared by others!

So don’t let your business down with an easily fixable issue.

Hope that’s useful, and until next time 🙂


Director, Taranet (Business Consultancy – Animal Care Business Specialist, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

Animal Care Info Online:  www.taranet.co.uk 

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