Flowers Safe for Pets?


Many of you will be giving flowers to loved ones over the next week with it being Valentines Day, but if the flowers are going to be near a pet – think twice before you buy!  Unfortunately some of the most popular flowers to give, (and commonly found in the florists) are poisonous to pets.  Here’s a few to be aware of:

  • Amaryllis – toxic to dogs, cats and horses
  • Carnation – toxic to dogs, cats and horses
  • Daffodil – toxic to dogs, cats and horses
  • Dahlia – toxic to dogs, cats and horses
  • Lilies – toxic to cats (is not toxic to dogs and horses)
  • Tulips – toxic to dogs, cats and horses

BUT do remember that any plant – if eaten in excess, or isn’t part of an animal’s ordinary (safe) diet, may not do the animal any good.  So do avoid your animal getting the opportunity to start munching on the flowers – keep them out of reach.

If you’re concerned that your animal has eaten something he or she shouldn’t – then speak to your Veterinary Surgeon urgently.  They can then advise if any treatment is needed or not – the sooner any veterinary treatment starts the better the chance of stopping permanent (or worse) damage.

Good news though if you love roses (and they’re definitely a beautiful flower!) – they are NOT poisonous to many animals!

Please do share this with anyone you know who might find it useful.

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