Wishing Your Pets A Happy Christmas


Whatever type of animal you have, if you’re celebrating Christmas then it’s likely to impact on him or her.  Catching up with family or friends is great, but it can either leave your animal feeling over-excited with ‘joy’ or stressed out.

As I said in a previous post, keeping your animal in their normal exercise routine is important – as far as they’re concerned, whilst you as their human may act differently – Christmas doesn’t mean (unfortunately!) mean anything to them – it’s just another day!

Although we may enjoy lots of festive food treats, sadly many of these can be poisonous to animals.  Some foods our animals should avoid are:

Christmas Pudding; Chocolate; Alcohol and Mince Pies.

Be careful about feeding meat to your animal – although some turkey is ok for dogs and cats, make sure there’s no bones in it PLUS don’t leave meat unattended on the kitchen counter (or table)….Even if your cat or dog doesn’t normally ‘steal’ food, with the excitement and tasty smells, the temptation maybe too great for them.  An emergency trip to the vets is best avoided, especially at Christmas!

If you’re lucky enough to get some gifts, then try and keep the wrapping out of the way of your animals – if they ‘play’ with it, it’ll end up everywhere, and at worst they could eat it or accidentally choke on it.

For some more helpful tips check out these Holiday Safety Tips from ASPCA

I wish you all of you and your animals a Happy Christmas, and best wishes for the festive season and beyond!

Until next time,


Director, Taranet (Business Consultancy – Animal Care Business Specialist, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

Animal Care Info Online:  www.taranet.co.uk 

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