Does Your Dog Have Enough Exercise?


Whenever I hear of a dog who’s getting up a lot in the night, or who is “being destructive” I always question if he or she is getting enough exercise.  Of course there can be a variety of issues (including medical) that maybe causing these symptoms. But for many of us at this time of year – fast approaching Christmas, it can be easy get “busy” shopping or catching up with people, and for our dogs not to get the exercise they need.

Sometimes people say the “dog isn’t bothered” about not going out for a walk – it’s raining, or it’s cold.  But unless we’re lucky enough to have a very large garden or our own fields that our dogs can safely explore by being just let out of the back door, then they will all naturally prefer to be able to get out off-the-lead to stretch their legs, and have a good sniff around.

I’m not a dog behaviourist, but have been an animal lover/carer for over 35 years (I started young!!) and can often see that dogs – like so many animals, put up with an awful lot – just because they are such incredible animals.  It’s our job as their carers to ensure their physical and emotional needs are met.

A dog who’s had plenty of exercise will be more likely to sleep better and be more relaxed. (A bit like us really!)

With Christmas coming and in the northern hemisphere, shorter daylight hours it’s important that our dogs (and other animals) don’t have their routines disrupted too much, so that they are able to be happy as possible without negative stress.

Oh and of course there are a variety of complementary therapies that can be used to help provide therapeutic exercise – such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage – visit my website at to find out more.

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