Does Your Animal Find Fireworks Scary?

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If you keep animals or just care for them, now that autumn is here, chances are you’re either relieved your animal doesn’t get bothered by fireworks (some don’t!), or are wondering how you can make sure your animal doesn’t get upset by them.

I saw what seemed a brilliant idea by a complementary therapist for animals about doing some “energy healing” on November 5th (Bonfire night in the UK).  But unfortunately fireworks are not just let off on this night.

Driving about it’s amazing how many different nights of the week there are public firework displays being advertised for – so if you want to got a display you could easily go and see several. Also fireworks have been on sale in many leading supermarkets for the public to buy for weeks now – not something I agree with (if they must be sold to the public why not do it nearer the time of the event? (including just before any religious events that also use them to help. celebrate). Preferably don’t sell them to anyone – if nothing else they are actually dangerous for people too (many people sadly get burnt through accidents occurring when using them)!

But back to our animal pals – what can be done to help them keep calm, if they do find the noise distressing?  For some animals who are naturally very sensitive to loud noises, a calmer added to the feed maybe beneficial – there are many herbal and homeopathic calmers that can be fed to our horses, dogs, cats or other animals. But to get the best benefit out of some calmers – you do need to feed for a few weeks beforehand.

There are a range of complementary therapies that can be used to help provide relief – have a look at my special webpage here for more info.

Sometimes having a radio on in the stable yard or a TV on in the house (fairly loudly) can be enough to take the ‘edge off’ any firework noises outside. Overall if you can (and I know it can be difficult!) try and keep calm yourself – acting ‘out of the ordinary’ or seeming stressed may help your animal be more stressed – as he or she will be worrying about what you’re worrying about!

If you can exercise your horse, dog (or other animal) during the day, it should help them feel calmer (exercise after all releases ‘feel good’ chemicals) and help them be relaxed and more likely to sleep.

Have you tried any of the therapies and tips i’ve suggested on my webpage ‘helping pets scared by loud noises’? Please mention in the comments below or post on my social media, it could help fellow animal lovers too 🙂

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