How’s Your Animal’s Energy?


Hello 🙂

In this blog post, i’m focusing on Reiki – a gentle, holistic but potentially powerful therapy.

Have you heard of Reiki? & if you have, did you know that animals can also benefit?

Firstly, what is Reiki? It’s a quiet, non-invasive therapy, which can be used with many animals – including dogs and horses (plus many others!).  The word Reiki describes an energy.

The Reiki practitioner will place their hands over seven areas, to cover the seven main ‘chakras’ or energy fields.  Each area is worked on for several minutes, where the practitioner draws in energy and then project it into the horses (or other animals) body.  The horse (or other animal) experiences a deep state of relaxation that encourages the body to heal.

What does Reiki help?

It can help in many situations including if your horse, dog or other animal gets stressed. Does your horse get tense when ridden or being handled, is he/she nappy, do they get worried when going to shows? Does your dog get worried by loud noises, or thunderstorms, or is tense or nappy? These are just some of the scenarios where Reiki can be used to help, but there are of course many more!  A properly trained and qualified Reiki practitioner who specialises in working with animals will be able to advise if they can help your animal.

As with all complementary therapies for animals, do consult your vet before commencing Reiki treatment, to ensure that they agree it is in your animals best interest.

For help finding a Reiki practitioner for your animal, then please email me at

Hope this is helpful, and until next time!

Regards, Suzanne


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