Consistency for Equine Health

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It occurred to me while listening to the radio and others, that health promoting habits are often seen as a short-term thing. For people, there are things like “stop smoking month”, “stop drinking alcohol month”, “stop eating sugar month” – you get the drift i’m sure!

Many years ago I was lucky enough to complete a horse-owners massage course with the legendary Mary Bromiley, and one of the many things that I learnt was the benefits of doing stretching with my horses including Tara.  These normally involve carrots as a lure to flexing and stretching, Tara in particular LOVES carrots, so this really helps.

I do these stretching exercises gently and regularly – often several times a day, breakfast, tea, night-time check, etc.  I always “listen” to Tara and if she’s not so bothered then we don’t but often she does a stretch without me asking.  This regular stretching has definitely helped keep her flexible even well into her late-20’s.

To get maximum benefit, good health and exercise shouldn’t be a fad – for us or our animals.

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