Caring for Older Animals Whatever the Weather

Does the weather make a difference to our health? Depending on which expert you listen to, some say yes and some say no!  But when you’ve got animals who are of a more “vintage variety” like 2 of my horses who’re 28 and 29 years old, then some days when the weather has been cooler or more rainy, I do notice a difference when watching them move – or not (as the case may be).

There are many ways we can help our older ani-pals to be more comfortable and happy whatever the weather.  In this post, I’m sharing a few of my top tips to help care for our animals of mature years.

  • Aloe Vera.  I LOVE aloe vera, it’s a versatile herb that’s used across the world.  My favourites are of course from the Forever Living Products range (as I’m a Forever Business Owner) – the Forever Freedom supplement and Aloe Heat Lotion or Aloe MSM gel skincare massage lotions are daily favourites.
  • Aromatherapy.  Animals have a natural ability to self-medicate and given the opportunity to find plants/herbs in their fields, they do seek out aromats.  Although you can buy essential oils from good animal health supplement suppliers, to get the best out of aromatherapy for your animal, then have a consultation with a professional zoopharmacognosist.
  • Homeopathy.  Years ago, before synthetic medicines became available, homeopathy was constantly used to help health.  There are homeopathic preparations for many situations, including to help mobility, digestion, general “tonic”.  Find a Veterinary Surgeon whose trained in homeopathy in order to find the best remedies for your animal.  Need help locating one? Then please email me!
  • Massage.  Massaging is suitable for many animals and can be used to not only warm-up or cool-down after exercise, but also anytime of the day to help just with relaxation, muscle tone amongst other reasons.
  • Thermal therapy – Heat can be very therapeutic.  My horse Tara loves wearing her leg wraps to help keep her legs and body warm.  There are many available on the market, so do look around – Tara’s favourites are Leg-its and Thermatex.

What’s your top tips for caring for animals in the winter? Let me know in the comments below!

Get more ideas on caring for your older animal at my website here.

Remember to contact your Veterinary Surgeon for advice if your animal is unwell.   The Veterinary Act also makes it an offence for any person, other than the owner of the animal, to treat an animal unless the permission of the vet in charge of the case or to whom the animal would be referred is sought and obtained.

Until next time,

Regards, Suzanne


Director, Taranet Complementary Therapies for Animals (Business Consultancy, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

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