Sprained Equine Ligaments & Tendons

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Tara’s had damaged ligaments in the past, and so I know from experience that they can easily occur, but also take a long time to get better.

Many horses will experience a tendon or ligament problem,  as all tendons/ligaments can be put under strain especially due to stresses from exercise on hard or rutted or slippery ground.

Any tendon or ligament strain potentially means rest for several months. If your horse is ridden regularly or competes this means that you will miss out on lots of riding! Although this is often unavoidable there are several things that can be done that may help avoid a recurrence in the future. Why should this be considered?

Once a strain has occurred (no matter on the severity of the injury) it is likely that there may be a weakness remaining. Physiotherapy can be used very successfully to help the horse regain fitness and use of the injured leg. The physiotherapist may use Ultrasound, Massage or Electromagnetic Therapy all of which when used by a professionally trained Physiotherapist can have excellent results.

Also Aloe Vera gel supplement can be used as a natural anti inflammatory. [see this research for more information].  When added to the horses diet in sufficient dosage it will help any inflammation together with boosting the animals immune system which may have been compromised by the injury.

Find more information on holistic ways to help care for Equine Tendon injuries online in my holistic animal care directory here.

As with any ailment, if your animal is unwell then always seek the advice of your Veterinary Surgeon before trying any treatment of any kind!

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Regards, Suzanne

Director, Taranet Complementary Therapies for Animals (Business Consultancy, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

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