Energy Therapies for Animals

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Everyone – human or animal has “energy”.

Did you know that there are several holistic approaches that aim to promote wellbeing through using techniques to work with the body’s energy field?

Do energy therapies work?

Sometimes people can be sceptical if energy healing techniques really can work, and if instead just a placebo effect occurs. Although there are many people who do disagree with that view, and the debates for and against are too long for this short blog!

However, it’s generally believed animals do not have any preconceptions or understanding of what therapy is being used to help them, and so if an animal’s wellbeing seems improved as a result of the technique – maybe it has genuinely worked?

If you’ve not already discovered one of the common energy therapies for your horse, dog, cat or other animal, find out for yourself if it works!

Different energy therapies

Some of the more commonly used approaches are:


The word “Reiki” is Japanese for “Universal Life Energy”, and can be used for all animals.  It can be relaxing and help animals who get anxious.


Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used for centuries to promote health and wellbeing – for animals as well as people!

There are a variety of crystals, which if used correctly can be used to promote wellbeing.

Pranic Healing

Based upon the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself.


Used for many reasons, this therapy is often used to help calm horses, dogs and other animals who get nervous.

Many different types animals can all have these therapies.  Have you used any with your animals?  Did you find it made a difference?

Like to find out more? There’s a variety of research and helpful articles that can be found online, including this from the Integrated Veterinary Care Journal on Reiki.

As with any therapies/treatments, before using you should get permission from your Veterinary Surgeon. If your animal is unwell a proper diagnosis and treatment from a qualified Vet is essential, any delay could lead to serious harm being caused.

More and more veterinary practices are using some of these energy therapies in their work, with either Vets themselves or Vet Nurses using to help calm animals who find the whole experience of going to the vets stressful (I’m sure we all know of some animals who are like that!).

If you need any help locating a complementary therapist or veterinary surgeon who specialises in complementary therapies, then please do email

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