Itchy times!

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Sweet Itch is usually considered as being a summer ailment, and here we are in September – so is it something we should worry about now?

Having noticed my horses been itchy over the last few days, I think it’s definitely something to still be concerned about.  The weather’s still warm and has been damp with mist about too – which has meant lots of midges!  Luckily my current horses don’t seem to actually get “proper” sweet itch, but do still get bothered a lot by the midges/flies and will scratch themselves a lot.

Sweet itch can make horses scratch themselves raw, and if your horse, pony or donkey is unlucky enough to get that, then proactive action is best to avoid the situation getting worse and the skin becoming inflamed and sore. One of my previous equines had that, and it was better to act quick to help soothe the skin and deter the midges – a good rug was one of the best ways to help.

Today I found one of my horses halfway in a hawthorn tree trying to scratch her withers!  Normally she wears a fly rug, but as she’d got wet overnight, she couldn’t wear a rug today.  Once I persuaded her out of the hawthorn, then she enjoyed a good massage and scratch in the field – anytime, any place to help the horses be relieved and rejuvenated!

It’s good that I’m lucky enough to have some great hedgerows around my fields, as is a natural way for the horses to find both relief and variety.

My favourite skincare products have Aloe Vera as their main ingredient, so to relieve their itchy withers and docks (seems to be the main itch areas), I use the Aloe Veterinary Spray and Aloe Gelly too.  Of course Aloe doesn’t kill flies or deter them very well – so a natural fly spray/gel is also essential.

If you’ve not already had a look, visit my Sweet Itch and Holistic Therapies page here for more ideas on ways that complementary therapies can be used to help.

Until next time,

Regards, Suzanne

Director, Taranet Complementary Therapies for Animals (Business Consultancy, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

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