Having something to aim at…

Hello 🙂

I was thinking about how best to title this blog – and did consider titling it “goals” or “targets”, but they can have a habit of putting people off don’t they?

But it’s important to have something to aim at, whether it’s deciding what you want to achieve out of a hack or schooling session with the horse, where to walk the dog, or what to do in your job, business or even where to go on holiday and getting the best out of it. In fact most of us will have mini-goals every single day – ever needed to get to a place at a certain time?!

A common enquiry here is from people who have the goal of working with animals.  Would be students of complementary therapies  for animals is what career option to choose – with there being therapies for all animals, for horses only or dogs only, etc – what to do?!  Breaking down the overall goal of working with animals to help them holistically into smaller goals can be easier.  For example if you want to work with horses, how much experience do you have with horses, can you get more experience or do a preliminary course (e.g. British Horse Society course) before starting a career course to work with them as a complementary therapist? Do you want to work with a range of animals, also work with people (it can be very rewarding to work with the horse and their rider) or offer range of services to horses (e.g. massage and reiki).

I enjoy helping people to set their own business or career goals here at www.taranet.co.uk, and I also think it’s important to set my own goals and get help to achieve them whether through peer support or coaching.  One of my favourite “new finds” is the Business Bakery who have a great 100 day goal programme  – this is for people with a variety of goals and has lots of helpful tips, some new, some not new, but good to be reminded of!

Setting goals should be individual – from looking at the fab Facebook page for the Business Bakery it’s clear there are a myriad of goals that people are looking to achieve, and that’s so refreshing to see, as often people feel they have to follow the crowd and that can be very limiting (although occasionally inspiring of course!).

What are your business or personal goals? Could you do with some advice to help you crystallise them and take action? If it’s anything to do with animal care/complementary therapies for animals then do get in contact with me as definitely happy to help!

My website at www.taranet.co.uk has some helpful info on it, but the Business Bakery has lots more on goal setting, so do take a look – and there are lots of other helpful sites online too. So be inspired!!!

Until next time,

Regards, Suzanne

Director, Taranet Complementary Therapies for Animals (Business Consultancy, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner (Aloe Vera Healthcare for All the Family)

Animal Health Info Online:  www.taranet.co.uk 

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