Aloe for Horses Tip #1


There’s been a bit of a gap since my last blog post.  As well as watching the Rio Olympics – particularly the equestrian sports which has taken a bit of time, I’ve had some issues with Tara’s foot!

Specifically Tara’s latest issue is that she had some pus in her foot, and just to be sure of what was going on, the Vet came out to have a look.  The Vet recommended the routine of hot-tubbing Tara’s hoof, along with a poultice for a few days.

In this post, i’m just going to provide an insight into how I use Aloe Vera in such situations.  As i’ve used Forever Living Products Aloe Vera range for many years, and also sold them, I always think about how I can use Aloe to help my animals (or my own). An equine foot abscess is also an opportunity to do this. So what did I use?

  1. First of all, Tara has an Aloe supplement every day (twice a day), so the amount was increased for a few days.
  2. In the warm water for “tubbing” her foot, I added some Aloe spray into the water.
  3. Before applying the poultice I put some Aloe gelly or propolis creme on the hoof on the hole where the pus had been seen.
  4. Applied some MSM gel to her leg to help soothe.

Aloe Vera is a versatile plant!

As with any ailment affecting my animals, if i’m not sure if Aloe can make any difference, or if indeed it’s not a good idea to use, then I will speak to my Vet first. Additionally, if there’s no improvement then I would call the Vet straightaway.

Fingers crossed that so far Tara’s foot is on its way to improving.

Until next time,

Regards, Suzanne

Director, Taranet Complementary Therapies for Animals (Business Consultancy, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

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