Popular Holistic Therapies for Dogs!


There’s lots of ways that your dog can have a holistic approach to his/her lifestyle, and there’s many complementary therapies that are used with dogs for health and wellbeing.

In this blog post i’m focusing on 3 – massage, hydrotherapy and bach flower remedies. Has your dog tried any of these?

Don’t forget to click on each of the headings to go direct to the Taranet directory page for more information.

Canine Massage

Use to help your dog feel more relaxed, or to help soothe strained muscles. Also regularly massaging your dog, can mean that any discomfort or small strains can be detected at an earlier stage – before they get too bad.

For the older dog, or the dog who is very active – use massage as a warm-up and/or part of the “cool-down” before/after exercise…..Although that of course can be beneficial for all dogs!


Using water as a therapy is great for all dogs – but especially is often used for those who need help to promote their mobility.

Cool water, warm water, salivated water, swimming pools, aqua treadmills – these are some of the methods that can be used.

Bach Flower Remedies

There are 38 different remedies in the Bach system, and they can help with a variety of emotional states. Does your dog get worried by fireworks, thunder or doesn’t like going to the vets? Help him/her overcome his fear by a combination of patient training and the most appropriate Bach Flower Remedy to help with the learning.

Of course getting professional veterinary advice is essential before using any complementary therapy, and especially if your animal is unwell or is on any kind of medication.

Need Some Help?

Would you like to find a therapist in one of the above therapies to help your dog? Then please contact us here at Taranet – by emailing info @ taranet.co.uk for help!

Until next time,


Director, Taranet Complementary Therapies for Animals (Business Development Consultancy, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

Animal Health Info Online:  www.taranet.co.uk 

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