Caring for our pets in the summer


Warmer weather. Drier weather (hopefully!).  Summer is a season that’s usually full of life – plants are in full bloom, daylight hours are longer.  It can be a very relaxing time. But for our animals it can give them some issues – from being bothered by flies or just feeling hot!

So what can help your animals to have less stress this summer?


If you travel your horse to shows, or take your dog out and about in the car, then plan your animal’s journey carefully.  If it’s possible, don’t transport your animal in the car (or horsebox for a horse) in the middle of the day (12-3pm) when it’s likely to be hotter.  Make sure fresh water is easily available for your animal to prevent dehydration, and that the vehicle is as well-ventilated as possible (without being draughty).

Don’t leave your animal in a parked vehicle when the weather is warm, the vehicle will get even hotter than the outside temperature, and could prove fatal.

If your animal finds warm weather causes greater anxiety when travelling, then homeopathy such as Cocculus can help with travel sickness.

Fly Protection

Your horse, pony or donkey can wear a fly mask or fly fringe to help protect against flies irritating his/her face.  Also fly rugs can be bought to help reduce the bother of flies.

Garlic is thought to help repel flies, and can be added to your horses feed on a daily basis (usually in powder, granules or as a liquid).


Some fly rugs for horses are marketed as saying they can help reflect heat and help your horse stay cooler.  There are also specially designed coats for dogs now, that also are said to help with cooling.


It goes without saying that a constant fresh source of water is essential for any animal.  Keep in mind that in the summer, your animal’s water is more likely to attract flies and insects, so it may need replacing more often, so your animal still finds it palatable to drink.

You can find more tips online in the Animal Care directory here.

What are your summer healthcare tips for caring for your animals?

Until next time,

regards, Suzanne

Director, Taranet Complementary Therapies for Animals (Business Consultancy, Social Media Training and Forever Business Owner)

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