Keeping Dogs Safe – with a Harness

Hello all,

I love my dogs, and of course try to think of their safety and comfort all the time.  My preferred method of keeping them safe whilst in the car is that they wear a car harness.  This harness has a loop on the back of it, that the seatbelt can go through so they’re secured nicely onto the back seat. (Obviously unfortunately not so convenient if you have lots of dogs, as there wouldn’t be enough places to belt them into!).

For ordinary walking on the lead, they wear either their car harness or an ordinary harness without the loop (if they’re not having a car journey). I think this is more comfortable for both them and me when walking.

I recently found another benefit for dogs wearing a harness though.

I was walking along the canal with the dogs off-lead, and noticed that one was near the waters edge sniffing around as dogs do.  The next minute with a splash the dog was in the canal!

Unfortunately the canal bank in that place was a sheer bank of concrete – so nothing for him to grip his claws into.  He didn’t have enough spring to jump out – as it was quite a high piece of bank.  I tried not to panic as could see he was getting panicked.

As any of you who’ve been in any type of crisis situation – the time seems to drag, but probably it was only less than a minute that he was in the canal.

So how did I get him out?

Well his harness definitely saved him – by laying down (so I didn’t fall in myself!), I managed to grab his harness and haul him out. It would not have been so “easy” if he’d simply been wearing a collar.

My top tip from this incident is that wearing a car harness isn’t just good for travelling in the car, it can be useful for any emergency situations!

Until next time,

regards, Suzanne


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