Vine – a Bach Flower Remedy for Your Animals?


I adore animals and their individuality.  Even after 10 years, I’m still learning new things about one of my ponies – like us, they change their habits over time, and so we can never know it all!

So training our animals is ongoing and will be different depending on the animal’s character.  Training doesn’t have to be formal – we often do it without sometimes realising it – when we take our dogs for a walk and stop to cross the road, or call him/her back at the end of a run in the park – it’s all little training reminders that make all this happen.

Sometimes though we can find reach a “block” – this can be because our animal has got so confident she or he doesn’t think they need to listen to us any longer, as they know it all!  Or for some animals – as with people, they can lack the confidence to adapt to different situations.  This can be moving to a new yard or home, or horses hacking, competing or schooling in a different environment.

Bach Flower Remedies are an extraordinarily simple system of helping to deal with emotions, and importantly can help with the learning process.

Focus on Vine

I don’t keep all the 38 remedies – but I do have a few always around.  One of these is Vine.  Vine’s an excellent remedy to help with animals (or people!) who are inflexible.  While being able to take charge of a situation can be a great quality, this can be taken too far by a Vine type, and can make it hard for a new animal herd member to be accepted.  Although learning the “pecking order’ is a natural trait for many animals including horses and dogs, if the alpha horse or dog is too dominant and aggressive it can cause problems – so Vine maybe useful.

If your horse or dog finds it difficult to learn something new, because they feel they know best, Vine maybe helpful to balance this inflexibility.

Like to know more about Bach Flower Remedies?

Why not take an e-learning introductory course from The Bach Centre – I’ve completed this to consolidate my knowledge, and can recommend it!

Where to buy Bach Flower Remedies?

As with any supplement, medicine or equipment – buy from professional reputable sources!  Hilton Herbs is one such company, and sells them all online.

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