How Affordable is Holistic Care for Your Pets?


Something that often puts people off of using complementary therapies or just taking a holistic approach to animal care, is that will be – or is – expensive.

But are therapies, products, supplements really that expensive compared to “conventional approaches”?

Veterinary fees to treat an ailment can escalate quickly.  Sometimes of course, an ailment is a sudden event – for instance after an accident, and so veterinary treatment is completely unavoidable and essential.

Some ailments though can be supported or avoided through preventative measures.

The cost of therapies/supplements and other products to support a holistic approach can seem expensive, but they can be used to help prevent ill-health developing in the first place.   As the phrase goes “prevention is better than cure” – I would add that prevention can also be argued to be cheaper in the long-run than cure!

Here’s some tips on helping to care for your animal holistically

Until next time,

regards, Suzanne

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