Lavender – an oil that is essential for our pets?

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Smells……We can either love them or loath them can’t we?  Some of the time though our experience of aromas are closely associated with physical experiences.  When I think of lots of floral scents I think back to a beautiful garden that I used to visit.  Lavender is a scent that I didn’t used to like that much – probably because of associating it with some strong lavender toiletries I was once given as a Christmas present!

But as I now know essentials oils have huge possibilities for helping both us and our pets.

Lavender is perhaps one of the most popular – it’s definitely one that many people have heard of.

So as well as being a beautiful purple colour to look at, what can lavender offer to our pets?


Lavender is renowned for it’s ability to help relax and be calming.  This can be useful in relieving anxiety – whether caused by worrying  about travelling (many pets/animals don’t enjoy car or lorry journeys), or fear of loud noises (whether it be fireworks or thunderstorms), or even to help promote relaxation ahead of bed-time for those who get insomnia.

If your animal gets anxious at seeing the vet – using lavender beforehand maybe helpful in relieving the worry.


Some animals find lavender helpful in relieving their skin irritations too.

How do you use Lavender?

Lavender is often used as an essential oil. As with all essential oils it’s important to know what you’re doing before using.  Some animals will not like some oils, and some should not have certain ones at all!  Also, some oils must only be used if diluted – it’s possible to get carrier oils to facilitate this.  Using a carrier oil is usually essential with many aromatic oils that are applied to the skin.

Additionally, using an essential oil for a short length of time – e.g. two weeks and having a rest for a week or so is often a good idea.  You can find qualified Animal Aromatics (Zoopharmacognosy) practitioners or Veterinary Surgeon’s who specialise in holistic therapies who can advise what’s best for your animal.  For help on locating one for your animal – please email me at info @

Depending on your animal – it maybe helpful enough for you to have lavender on you, so that s/he can indirectly have the aroma……It may also calm you, as we know – sometimes it’s easy for us to get anxious and this can transfer to our pets very easily!

Read more about some research that took place looking at using lavender to calm stressed horses

You can also find lavender as an ingredient in many skincare creams, lotions and washes for your animal.

I hope that this may have inspired you to think about using the aromatic lavender to help your animal.  & if you’re interested in buying a premium quality pure lavender essential oil – have a look in my online shop here.

Remember as always – if your animal has an ailment, always get your Veterinary Surgeon out to look at him/her, and decide if complementary therapies maybe helpful or not.

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