Garlic – for your horse’s health?


In this edition of my blog, i’m reviewing garlic – a herb that’s used by many people and horses..and exploring why and how it’s often used.

Tara has had garlic as a supplement for years.  She started off having it as a natural way to help repel flies. I have to say that she does still get bothered by flies on warm summery days, but she may well get more bothered if she wasn’t taking garlic!

Did you know there are a variety of different garlic supplements?

Capsules, powder, granules and liquid versions of garlic are all available, and some horse feeds do contain garlic – in which case extra supplementation may not be necessary. Plus of course, you could use freshly crushed fresh garlic.

Tara’s had powder, granules and liquid versions over the years, with the liquid version seeming especially aromatic!  At the moment she’s having granules, which she seems to get on well with.

But why use garlic at all?

Well as I said earlier it’s thought to help deter flies (gnats, mosquito’s, horseflies, etc)  – this is because after eating garlic, your horses sweat will be garlicky, and so off-putting for flies.

But garlic is also considered to contain many properties, including being antibacterial, and is often used to  help with respiratory issues, plus being good for immunity.

Also garlic is natural – and has been used for centuries for animal health!

Note of warning – It’s important not to overfeed garlic, as too much can cause anaemia.

As with any supplement (natural or otherwise), it’s essential you speak to your Vet for advice before using – particularly if your horse is already on other medication or has an ailment to avoid any contra-indications.

Do you use garlic with your horse? Have you found it helpful?

Until next time,

regards, Suzanne




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