Thyme – Is This a Herb for Your Pet?


I love thyme – it’s very aromatic, and I find it great for adding to many food recipes.  But it’s not just for its taste that it’s so popular, as it can also be healthy. & not just for us, but for some animals too!

Where’s Thyme from?

Originally from southern Europe and Mediterranean regions, thyme has been used with animals for some time.  There are different varieties of thyme, which do vary in their strength.

Why Use Thyme?

Thyme contains a variety of vitamins and minerals – from B complex vitamins to iron and manganese plus many more. It also contains thymol, an essential oil which is thought to have antiseptic characteristics.

Thyme’s often used to help with respiratory conditions, and you can find feed supplements containing thyme.

Would you like some evidence on using thyme to help your horse’s respiratory system? Here’s some research showing its potential

Thyme as an essential oil

The therapies Animal Aromatics and Applied Zoopharmacognosy use a variety of different essential oils, including thyme.

There’s been different research looking at essential oils. You will find this one interesting. It looks at thyme as part of a way to improve hygiene with chickens

As with any essential oil, thyme may not be suitable for all – to ensure your animal gets the most benefit from this therapy, then always have a trained practitioner offer advice to you.

Cautionary Note:

Although it’s a generally safe herb to use in small quantities, it’s important not to use thyme in large quantities as then it can be toxic, plus do not use with animals who are pregnant.

As with any complementary therapy or medicine, seek permission from your Veterinary Surgeon first before using. Especially if your animal has an ailment, so that the most appropriate treatment is used and to avoid any problems from “mixing” treatments.

Do you compete your horse? If you’re subject to drug-testing then it may have a withdrawl period after using before it’s ok to compete. So do ask your Vet for advice!

If you need help locating a holistic veterinary surgeon or animal aromatics / applied zoopharmacognosy practitioner, please get in contact with me by emailing

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