Caring For Our Pets In the Summer


Well, the weather has just started to heat up!  The majority of animals seem to be pleased with the drier, more sunny weather as generally seem more relaxed and can be seen in their fields or gardens dozing in the sun.

But the heat can lead to a variety of seasonal issues – not least more flies buzzing around!

Although have any horse-keepers reading this noticed that some horses seem more affected than others by the flies and heat?  I’ve noticed that the colour of the horse seems to make a difference….unfortunately Tara seems to be more bothered by the flies than the others, although she’s the only chestnut one…Does the colour of the horse make a difference, or is it coincidence?

Exercising dogs and horses can be more challenging when the days are hot.  If you walk your dog on tarmac paths or roads, then it’s likely to be painfully hot for him/her to walk on those surfaces in the middle of the day….an early morning or evening walk, is going to be more comfortable.

Likewise, your horse is more likely to find being ridden in shady areas or earlier or later in the day, better than in the full hot sun in the middle of the day.

I thought it’d be helpful to share one of my archived emails on summer healthcare for animals, this email can be found here

What do you think, have you any summer animal care tips?

best wishes, Suzanne


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