Book Review – The Aromatic Dog


I was very pleased to recently receive a copy of The Aromatic Dog – a new book by certified animal aromatherapist Nayana Morag to review. For anyone interested in dog health, this should be a must-read!

It contains many helpful insights into how we can help ensure our dogs are helped to be kept healthy – holistically. The focus is of course on the use of zoopharmacognosy – i.e. animal self-medication.

This is a scientific discipline which studies an animal’s instinctive drive to seek out the healing herbs/minerals he or she needs. This book provides an overview of the background to aromatic plants helping animals, which should help even the more sceptical dog-keepers think about why aromatics can really possibly be helpful.

The Aromatic Dog provides information on how you can use aromatic extracts to help keep your dog healthy, and goes into details about the several different carrier oils too.  There’s guidance on how essential oils can be used in many different scenario’s – from first aid to everyday situations. Plus find a helpful Aromatic Cross Reference Chart too.

The overriding message I got from reading the book is that it’s absolutely essential to know your dog. This may seem obvious! But given how subtle a dog’s response can be to the essential oils, it’s important that you understand how your dog normally behaves and how he or she is responding to them.

Also, the point is made in the book that you should be cautious as to where you get advice from as to how to use the essential oils.  As with any complementary therapy getting qualified advice on how it can help your animal is vital.  For advice on essential oils, you should consult a holistic Veterinary Surgeon or trained animal aromatherapist.

My final point is that you read the whole book – a few times possibly to fully digest the information!

Hopefully many more dogs will be helped to discover the benefits of zoopharmacognosy as a result of this book..

The book will soon be available at Nayana’s website at or at

until next time, Suzanne

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