Heat Therapy for Tara the horse


Although the weather has improved (mostly!), it’s still been quite cool at nights.  Having horses and dogs who that bit older, I’m very aware that they can feel the cold more – particularly their joints.  With them loving to gallop or race about, it’s important to me that they can continue to do this, and not to have any discomfort from achey muscles or joints.

Thermotherapy includes the use of cold or heat acting as therapy to treat pain.

Some ailments respond better to heat or cold, and sometimes it helps to use both heat or cold alternately.

Something as simple as a rug can make a difference to our horses, but getting the right rug is important as they vary a lot. I love my Thermatex rug- well it’s Tara’s of course!, it helps to keep her warm on cooler nights and is a breathable fabric, which helps to avoid her getting overheated.   (They’re also ideal as a cooler rug too). If it’s warm then she won’t wear a rug at all of course.

I also find that it helps for Tara to wear “leg warmers”, I’ve used thermatex-type material wraps which are good, but even better is her current fleecy leg-wraps.  Again a breathable fabric, and helps keep her knee joints warm – which I find helps with her arthritis.

Lastly, for targeted extra warmth then the Aloe Heat Lotion (from my Forever range – of which i’m a Forever business owner) is massaged gently into any specific areas – such as the joints.  This is fine for the dogs and the horses.  For the dogs, then it’s more practical to use Aloe heat lotion than any clothing – mine aren’t keen on wearing “unnecessary clothing”!

Warm water can also be beneficial too – as hydrotherapy is excellent generally!

So there is a variety of ways to use heat to help our animals.

Do you find it helpful to use heat therapy for your pets, even in summer?  How do you help keep your pets warm?

Until next time,

regards, Suzanne

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