Vitamin C for your pets


It’s not only humans who benefit from vitamins, our pets do too.  But whilst we are often told to eat “5 a day” (or whatever is the current recommendation!), and have a balanced diet – how do we know if our pets are having the nutrients they need?

It’s important to do your research – check the food you buy for your pets to see what the vitamin  content is…..It can vary considerably between brands!  For dogs who enjoy a raw food diet, then adding different herbs to the diet can be a way to bring extra nutrition.

So why bother with Vitamin C in our animal’s diets?  Well as is the case for people, this vitamin can help immunity for our animals.  Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant – these are helpful for a variety of reasons.  Plus it’s believed to help with proper tissue growth and repair – so overall is pretty much an essential vitamin for the diet!

Vitamin C is naturally occurring in many fruits, herbs and even some meats – such as liver.  Herbs where vitamin C can be found include:

Burdock, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek, Parsley, Red Clover and Rosehips (plus many others!).

I give my pet animals different multi-mineral/vitamin supplements to help ensure they’re getting what they need to be as healthy as possible – I’ll talk about my favourite supplements another time!

Do you know if your pet is getting enough vitamin c in his/her diet?

Until next time,


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