How can I be an Equine Therapist?


…..This is a question we get asked a lot by would-be complementary therapists for horses.   This is often followed by the question about whether training is needed first in human therapies – many people don’t want to do both.

As a consultancy for both businesses and animal-owners, plus would-be students, I’m only to happy to help! My website at contains a lot of free training advice.

But it can definitely be confusing – physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy are all different in their training options.  These 3 therapies are also “interesting” in that for their use with people, there’s legislation in place to help protect these professions from unqualified therapists.

Although all therapists should work within the requirements of the Veterinary Act, there are not currently such stringent regulations in place for the training of many therapists working with animals.  So my number 1 piece of advice is often that a student should check to see what professional association they can become a  member of, as a result of successfully completing the course they’re interested in.

A good professional association will offer a variety of membership benefits – such as Continual Professional Development and insurance opportunities. Insurance companies will usually only offer insurance to animal therapists who are properly qualified – and being a member of a recognised association can help to provide this reassurance that you’re committed to high professional standards.

If you know anyone thinking of working as a complementary therapist for horses, hopefully this will help provide food for thought!

regards, Suzanne

So going back to the question of becoming an equine therapist, there are lots of different options


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