Is your horse, dog or other animal itchy?


If you’ve kept animals for a while, have you noticed that they can appear to get seasonal ailments?  Like people tend to be more affected by pollen in the summer months, animals of all shapes and sizes can be affected by allergies or get other ailments at particular times of the year.

I’ve found that some of my animals are now beginning to enter their “itchy season”……For many of them, this is as a result of them moulting and shedding their winter hair, and so a good groom can be all that’s needed to make a big difference!

But for others some of the reasons can be as a result of midges, other insects or pollens in the air.  These can all make dogs, horses and other animals feel itchy, make their eyes water or just feel a bit under-the-weather.

So what can help our animals?

First of all, it must be spotting the signs in the first place!  It can be easy to overlook the first symptoms of seasonal ailments – and as with so many things, it’s often easier to prevent problems than to treat them. Spotting the signs of allergies early, and taking action to prevent them getting worse can be helpful.

Secondly, what’s the cause, can it be avoided?  If your dog has a tick, removing it with a special tick remover (most Veterinary Surgeon’s will have these nifty tools for you to buy) asap is best – to avoid these parasites causing major annoyance and irritation.

Your horse, pony or donkey may find wearing a flymask useful to prevent flies and pollen irritating the eyes. Does your pony seem to have irritation around his/her ears?  Some equines enjoy wearing a flymask with ears to keep midges out of their ears.

Good husbandry is essential too – whilst we all try to keep our animals in good, clean conditions, if there are midges/biting flies around, trying to make an extra effort to keep the horses fields poo-picked very regularly (at least once a day) for instance can make a bit of a difference to the number flying around. Likewise for our dogs, removing their poo from the garden can reduce flies flitting around!

There are many homeopathic, herbal and other holistic therapies that can be used to help treat and relieve seasonal ailments.  For advice on what maybe best for your animal, speak to your Holistic Veterinary Surgeon for advice.

Here my favourite general supplement for the summer months is “Bee Pollen”.  This is in tablet form, and is an all-natural, multi-mineral and multi-vitamin.  I do have an “interest” in this as I also sell it at!  But it’s definitely a case of me recommending it from years of testing and using on myself and my animals!

Have you any tips on helping your animals with seasonal ailments using a holistic approach? If you want to share, please do so at Taranet’s Google community page here

Until next time!

regards, Suzanne

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