Can people see your website?

Hello all,

I don’t mean can people find your website – search engine optimisation and the like is a whole other topic… but for people who are looking at your website, can they see what you’re saying?

Here at Taranet, I specialise in supporting animal-related businesses, particularly complementary therapists for animals to increase their profitability, and while many have a website, they sometimes are not projecting the best “shop-window” for their service.

It may seem obvious, but all too often websites are created which although have obviously had a lot of time spent on them – unfortunately it’s time that’s been spent on choosing elaborate fonts, or a very bold or clashing colour scheme.  So people – potential customers, can’t find out if the service offering is what they need.


Using fonts that are clear and aren’t highly decorative will make your website easier to read – for anyone, including people who may have any visual impairment.


Bold colours can look great and be eye-catching, but be careful to choose colours that don’t detract from the website’s purpose…..  which for a small business/sole-trader is usually to present professional information about themselves, and get people to get in contact with you!

Choose a background colour that contrasts well with the font, so that the writing can be clearly seen….. black writing on white background may seem not to be very exciting to some, but it usually can be clearly read, (That’s not to say of course that’s the only colour scheme should be used!)

In conclusion, remember people will often look initially at a website for a short period of time – sometimes seconds, if they decide that it’s going to be too difficult to find what they need to know quickly, they’ll leave the site and find another one to look at.

regards, Suzanne

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