Sage – Not Just a Herb for Cooking!


In this post i’m again focusing on another popular herb – one that’s popular with people for use in cooking (as well as for health), and also with animals…..This is of course, Sage!

Herbal medicines have been used for centuries, if not thousands of years as the Druids, Egyptians and Romans are all thought to have used them.  As well as being used in human medicine, animals have also benefited too.

Different plants have different chemical constituents.  It is these constituents that make the plant have a physiological effect, and is what makes each plant have a different effect. Scientists have categorised these constituent compounds into different groups to say how they interact with the body.

Sage is categorised as an “anti-catarrhal”, which basically means it can help with excess catarrh.  It’s often used to help both people and animals upper-respiratory health.

Sage can be used as a tea, with a small amount being added to an animal’s feed.  (Remember, dogs will need a lot less than a horse!). As anyone who has had this culinary herb in the own food knows, it’s an aromatic herb, and so to make it more palatable, it can be mixed with honey and/or coconut oil.

As is the case with any herbal supplement, in order to help ensure the best effect, use sage from an excellent source – preferably organic, or naturally grown with no pesticides.  There are several animal feed supplement producers who supply good quality herbs, including Sage.

If your animal has any ailment, then always seek a diagnosis and treatment from your Veterinary Surgeon.  Your Vet can also advise if Sage will be helpful.  There are many Veterinary Surgeons in the UK and beyond who now specialise in holistic medicine for animals – if you need help finding one near you, please get in contact by emailing me at

I hope you found this interesting – the world of herbs used in veterinary medicine is extensive!

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