Remedies for Everyday Life

Hello all,

I’m lucky enough to live near the coast, so this weekend took the opportunity to visit a popular seaside resort in beautiful Devon.  As always, I had my dogs with me and there were lots of other people – many of whom were holiday-makers with their dogs also.

Through a combination of going out a lot, and in the past using Bach Flower Remedies when needed, my dogs are fairly well-socialised and so don’t take much notice of crowds of people and other dogs.  Don’t get me wrong, my dogs like to say hello to other dogs, but seem to know when to “exercise caution”, no doubt recognising my signals – and i’m also quite vigilant about spotting a dog who’s potentially got someone very nervous or who’s just tense on the end of his/her lead!

As with horses, who can feel tension down the reins, dogs can also feel tension down their leads.  Bach Flower Remedies are a simple way to help with the emotions, for us and our animals.  It occurred to me particularly this weekend, that whilst there were many dogs who could potentially have benefited from one or two of the Bach remedies – perhaps Mimulus (for fear of known things)  or Vine (for strong minds who like to exercise power), actually in a lot of cases, their owners could well have benefited from some of the remedies either as well as, or instead of their pets!

I saw several dogs who were obviously not used to crowds of people or dogs.  When these dogs got overwhelmed, either by pulling towards other dogs, or as in the case of one dog who bared its teeth and growled at passing dogs, it was obvious the owner didn’t know how to respond in such a way to avoid the behaviour being repeated over and over again. Reprimanding the dog or making a fuss without understanding the behaviour of the dog, or their own emotional state did not make good viewing.

A dog-training class may of course have been helpful, but in some of the cases, having a well-balanced and non-heated attitude would have been good.  As there are 38 different Bach Flower Remedies, there’s one for every emotional state – and just by knowing yourself and how you respond to situations can be all that’s needed to find the correct remedy. With the correct remedy, and a well-informed approach to training then it can be transformational.

Bach Flower Remedies are truly for everyday life…..for you & your dogs… (and other animals!).

For more info on these remedies either visit my advice page at the Taranet site or go to the Bach Centre website

Until next time,


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