Chasteberry for horse health…


As we move towards Spring (up here in the northern hemisphere anyway!), we will start to see many plants come into flower and growing again – full of life!  There are many herbs that can be used from “nature’s larder” for our animals (Or ourselves!). In this post, i’m providing a brief overview on a plant that is not so widely known about – and that is the Chasteberry. This is the fruit of the chaste tree, which is a small shrub-lie tree that originated from Central Asia and the Mediterranean areas.

It can also be known as “Vitex Agnus Castus” and is thought to have been used by people as a human herbal supplement for thousands of years, particularly to help with hormonal problems. Chasteberry has also been used in veterinary herbal medicine for many years, specifically to help with Laminitis, Equine Metabolic Syndrome and hormonal issues.

So does it work?

Research findings are mixed – which may in part be due to the differences of quality of the herb being used in testing.  As with many other herbs (or any natural product) – there can be big differences between an individual plant, and therefore what the subsequent benefit maybe from using it.

Will it work with any other supplements my horse is taking?

As with any medicine or therapy, it’s always essential to get your veterinary surgeon’s permission before using just to be sure all is ok.

There are many Vets around the world who specialise in using herbs in their practice, if you’d like help locating one near you, please get in touch – I’m happy to help if possible! (email: info at taranet.

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