Knowing your horse


Am writing this having had a stressful few days worrying about Tara!

The worry began with her resting her hind leg slightly more than I thought was normal, so I immediately started feeling her legs to make sure there were no lumps, bumps or swellings – but nothing.  Her hooves also had no signs of trauma or problems.

As a precaution I increased her Aloe Vera & turmeric supplements to help “ward-off” any ailments.

This made me wonder that with so many horse-owners being really busy and juggling 101 different tasks, if just watching your horse and knowing what she or he normally acts like is sometimes overlooked?

Having had Tara for so many years, I do think I know her very well (as she does me!), but if you’ve not had your horse for very long – how do you know what is “normal” for your horse? Particularly if your horse is on livery, you may not always be the main-carer for your horse and so are reliant on others to help make sure all is ok.

Moving on with Tara’s ailment, the next day, she then developed a reluctance to put her whole foot on the ground, again no swelling and no heat on either the leg or foot (or anywhere else).

I decided I’d try letting her rest her foot in a bucket of cold water morning and night, plus lots of Aloe MSM gel massaged onto her lower leg, to see if any effect – and if no improvement, then a call to the Vets would be needed!

I’m pleased to say that another day on, she now seems to be much better – happier and importantly not lame.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on her – and calling the vet out if she has any problems.

Until next time, Suzanne


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