Loving to help animals to feel better – naturally!

That’s what I aim to do!  I’m the Director at the independent consultancy Taranet Complementary Therapies for Animals. Taranet was established as a result of one of my horses becoming unwell, and although the vets suggested that complementary therapies may help with her recovery, it was very difficult to find good quality, straightforward advice online and also an easy way to find a therapist to help my horse.

So I decided to create a consultancy – with advice on different complementary therapies for animals, together with training information for people who want to either become a professional therapist working with animals, or who want to learn some techniques to help their own pets.

Over the years, Taranet has expanded, so we also offer business consultancy to small animal related businesses, – from business advice to social media training and management.  Also a huge part of my work is as a “Forever business owner”, selling high quality Aloe Vera healthcare for pets and people plus coaching people to have their own Forever businesses. …..& why is my business called “Taranet” – after the inspiration for this business, a horse called Tara!   Regards, Suzanne


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